"Perseverance is the key to achievement."

"Rome did not build in one-day."

As I was planning my morning stretch session, I remember this quote. I asked myself, how did I train my flexibility? Mainly, I began my ballet training as late as the age of 17.

Perseverance, perseverance is the key to achievement.

I wanted to achieve side split for both legs when I began my ballet training. I somehow blindly believed that if I wish to become a ballet dancer, I should be able to achieve side spilt on both legs. No one forced me; I began to train myself in my way. My initial thought was "We have thing call Gravity, that means if I keep on doing the semi-spit position. Eventually, gravity will take me to the floor". So, I came to my scientific conclusion of gravity stretch, it sounds cool, but there are no secrets but to keep on doing it every morning every night until my hip reaches the floor. I spent about 30 minutes each leg every day; I was every time I was holding the position, yet, in about two weeks, I achieved side split for both legs.

Well, I did not know the ways to stretch appropriately, and I had no information, either people to guide me. So, I pulled my right hamstring one pint during my stretching, and it had a to stop for good three weeks. That is one of the reasons my right hamstring is tighter than the left side, and I can still feel the little "hole" on my right hamstring!

So, It is always wise to have professional guidance when you do stretching. It does not just prevent injuries, but you gain my professional experience and knowledge which I developed with years of training and research.

I still am training and keep on stretching.

The day I rest is, the day I die. Remember, perseverance brings Power to you. Get better every day, or die trying! Let's keep on progressing with me.