The secret to bring the "Control" back into your life

"It is all about rhythm and flow." I am not necessarily talking about dance. Life is a continuation of rhythm and flow; habits and routine.

I suddenly felt the difference in myself this morning, and I also have received many positive responses from my audience. It did not feel like chore; I did not have to encourage myself. Everything just felt so right.

I use to wondered how to create a "good" rhythm to get into a flow. Now, I understand. We can produce better habits in our life by creating a new routine, and to commit to it until it feels natural.

I was worried at my first "Live" session, struggled to sleep the night before.

Now, I quickly got used to this new routine, and the flow of my live programme is incomparable to the first session. I am delighted to feel the difference and relieved.

I am the creator of my life, no one else. Therefore, I needed to build my life by giving myself a constructive order to progress, especially for the time being for an unusual circumstance of lockdown like this. I also wanted to do this challenge with everyone, that was the main reason for the project of "30 days challenge".

Let's set the task, commit to it, then, bring the control back into our life.

Let's move on together.