Adult Ballet Class  

Cardiff & Newport

*Due to Covid safety, spaces are limited*  


8 wks course

Wednesday 6 pm

Friday 11 am 

9th of September to

25th of October 2020

COVID Safe Complete Beginner's 8 weeks course.

No previous experience required.

A trial is available this September.

Pointe class

8 wks course

Wednesday 8 pm

7th of September to November 2020

Pointe class for both beginners and experienced dancers. 

8 weeks of structured lessons to learn to dance on pointe.


Ballet Classes

Wednesday 7 pm

Friday 10 am 

8th of September to 28th of October 2020

Ballet re-invented by Daisuke!

Re-structured Covid safe ballet class for those who have completed the beginner's course.

A trial is available this September.



Tuesday 7 pm 

Only 8th to 29th of September

Want to start ballet, but not sure? No problem! This September, we offer pre-booked DROP-IN classes for you. No ballet barres either dance floor, simple, and affordable.

Intermediate level class

Monday 7 pm-8:30 pm

7th of September to

26th of October 2020 

A pre-booked drop-in Intermediate ballet class.

A fast pace, challenging and exciting combinations.


 Ballet Barre

Monday 6 pm

7th of September to 26th of October 2020

Ideal for who likes to master the barre basics. No pressure on centre work. Perfect for students who like to develop strength and shape up. A trial is available this September.

No upcoming events at the moment