Adult Ballet Class  

Cardiff & Newport



8 wks course

Wednesday 6 pm & Friday 11 am March to April 2020

Complete Beginner's 8 weeks  course. No previous ballet experience required. No age limitations.


*£60 when you join with a friend*

Pointe class

8 wks course

Monday 6:30 pm,

Tuesday 8:45 pm, Wednesday 8 pm

March to April 2020

Pointe class for both beginners and experienced dancers. 

8 weeks of structured lessons to learn to dance on pointe.



Ballet Classes

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 

March to April 2020

Those who have completed the beginner's course.

Aim to move onto Pointe shoes,

When the students are ready.


*Maximum of 18 participants per class*



Advanced booking only

Depend on availability

Perfect for beginners& introverts. Also, popular for Yogi, gymnasts, skaters, martial artists, Personal trainers and athletes.


Advanced open class

Monday 7 pm

March 2020 onward

Advanced level drop-in class.

A fast pace class with challenging and exciting combinations.


ballet anxiety cardiff mindful adult beg


Ballet course

Friday 12pm

March to April 2020

Unwind and de-stress yourself with this calm and gentle class. Ideal for busy people , elder learners as well as who suffer from anxiety and depression.