30 days live progressive challenge began

I was feeling sick. I do not know why I decided to do this...

That was my initial thought of this morning. Will be able to wake up on time? What if I have no viewers?! I fell asleep and woke times to time last night.

However, I wanted to provide a positive difference in this pandemic time. This Coronavirus situation forced us to change our lives, and the impact is massive. It changed our lifestyle!

All of us are still confused and do not precisely know how to react to this negative difference. Therefore, I felt in my guts that I must bring a positive difference to people of the world.

Yes, we are locked down. Yes, we can not freely go out wherever we wish as we used to be. Yet, it will not last forever. And, I do not want to come out from this tragedy become weaker, miserable, gain weight, or being stiff. I see this is an opportunity to begin something new. When I come out from this tragedy of Covid-19, I will become more experienced in life, more reliable, wiser and more energised to guide and lead people. I do not see my self as a victim. Now, is the time for me to evolve with the situation to learn something new and become more.

If Coronavirus forced us to change our life habits, I will change with it but beyond. I have prepared "Royalty-Free" background music, lighting and tidy up the room...It is a scary moment when you press the "Live" button! I had no viewer for the first few minutes; I was not sure what to do. Shall I turn it off? Maybe I am wrong, and no one is interested in the session. As you can imagine, all of those thoughts circling my brain. Yet, fortunately, I slowly gained some viewers, and I have managed to begin my first session of 30 days challenge! Phew!

I have 29 days left to go. It is so great getting up early in the morning and this commitment force myself to get into a better routine. We are creatures of our habits; we can not control our life. Yet, I can control my practices by control my routine. Because I want to change my life, i wish to better my self, with you.