Trained being to Educated being

What is happiness to us dancers?

This was the question drove me to where I am today.

It is great to improve our technique, physical strengh, flexibility, etc. My mind was full of those topics when I was early twenty.

However, this is a tricky topic as we all know we never, ever archive what we are aiming for, as every time we arichive our aim, we change them to arichive even more. It is exactely same as how we follow our "happiness" in life.

"I want to have own house", " I want to decorate exactely how I want to", "I need new kitchen, Television, furnitures", "My friend bought bigger house, now my house look bad", "I want bigger house", etc. Yesterday's laxury is tomorrow's nessasity.

So, I asked myself a question if I get better in ballet, who benefits? if I do more turns, who will I make happy? If I became more flxeible, who cares? No one! no one cares except myself. Then, I suddenly realised a fact if I carry on dancing oneday I will be force to finish my carrer and left with nothing but my own big, big ego which is useless and valueless. I have seen so many dnacers like that.

So, life asked me to make a choice, a chice to take my foot out of it before it gets too late or carry on dancing like a dancing monkey in a Japanese zoo!

To be continued......