0.5 seconds

Another thing to share with everyone, my discovery of the week. There was a dilemma to solve, which was to "think" or "not to think" at dance lesson. Some teachers say "Don't think! Just do it!", some teacher say "Make sure don't forget the corrections! Keep on thinking about them!". They both make sense in a different way and I also realised that every teachers do have habits, methods and the ways of teaching, but when some people tells you COMPLETELY opposite, what would you do? It has been my own dilemma and it pops up now and again while I am teaching. And, recently I discovered that the key to the answer is in "0.5 seconds"; the question was wrong in a first place! The question was wrong therefore I never get to the answer I looked for. The answer is with in the "0.5 seconds"; how to control this "0.5 seconds"!