Focus point and way to approach

There is something I discovered last week to share with you. I have realised a fact: by changing the focus point of steps/movements, the same steps/movements become completely different, an example would be my "Revoltade". I have been focussing on second leg, which is my working leg for sometimes, but I changed my focus point into my supporting? first kicking leg and imagined my first leg to keep on rotating in the air like a cork screw. Also, approaching the same steps/movements with much slower preparation gave me more information to correct while it was happening, by slowing it down, I have realised that I need to change angle, the timing of opening my right side of the body, where to watch while it is happening.

Anyway, it is becoming long and I do not even know how many people even got this line, my ultimate aim is to help and support any physical performers, not just dancers, this includes athletes, martial artists, gymnasts, as well as dancers. So, if you have any question or steps you struggle to complete, please contact me, we can try it together and find a solution to it!

Ballet is so addictive as don't you just love this mental and physical stimulation!? It is much more exciting than any games or puzzle I have ever had!