Change your posture, change your life

“The best way to change your life is to change your posture” –

-Anna Pavlova-

Correct posture change your life and mental state.

However, surprisingly there are so many dancers/students/teachers who underestimate the importance of maintaining the correct posture in ballet.

The art of classical ballet, it is a lifetime journey. However, we all need to start the journey from somewhere, and focussing about the correct posture is the most important and best place to start.

Check 1.

"Is your head on your neck?"

Your head is the heaviest part of your body, and the alignment must be consciously controlled.

Check 2.

"Is your neck stretched?"

There should not be wrinkles around your neck. We need to either pull your head up against the gravity or push your shoulders down.

Especially behind your neck needs to be relaxed but stretched as it is a part of your spine.

Check 3.

"Feel the cross in your body"

At last, pull your shoulders sideways, pull your tail bone down into the earth and push skull into the sky!

By following those three instructions, you will immediately experience the fact

*Your breathing gets better

*You become taller

*Your mind becomes clearer

However, let's be careful! Often when we try to maintain the straight posture, we ARCH our back without realising. How do you check you are not arching? place your back against a wall and try to keep your LOWER back on the wall.

Perfect balance, multiple turns, high legs and exceptional performance, all the fancy tricks come from only one place...POSTURE.

Gravity and the floor is our only connection to the earth.

So, before you check your techniques and steps, why don't we check our posture?