"I never relised how beautiful this place was"

A revolutionary moment.

The moment your value of sense has crumbling to pieces like a sandcastle with a big tide.

"I never realised how beautiful this place was". This was a dialogue from the film "Harry Potter and the half-blood prince". After his life-changing incidence of Harry's teacher's death, he looked up the sky and he realised how beautiful the place was.

By going through life-changing incidence, his value of sense has forced to change, and, he began to see the world differently, totally, utterly. With his inner change, he has began to see the same view differently.

This is what I exactly look for through my ballet training.

This is exactly what I wish my students to experience.

The moment quantity turns into the quality, the moment our physical work turns into philosophical wisdom.

Ballet contains so much wisdom and knowledge. This special art form isn't just a physical fitness either dance. This is a legacy which we have been passed on from generations to generations.

My early career and the era of being students, I have only been focussing about the physical strength and developing the flexibility and the technique.

More turns, more jump, more flexibility and more strength....but, when will it end? I felt like my feet are in a bottomless swamp and more I try, faster I sink into it.

So, guess what I did? I began to read many books and films as I was desperate to find an answer I was looking. One day, I met Jiddu Krishnamurti, well, I found his book "On Fear". Then, my dilemma has dissolved.

This was the moment for me. There is no point training my body if my self does not change.

I still train ballet. I only can teach everyone what I know through my own experience.

I can only measure the world through my small measure...

This is why I look for the opportunity to break my small measure to expand my view.

This is why my endless training will continue. So, I can realise how beautiful this place was.