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Ballet Course

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"This programme is designed for you to get into ballet in your own comfortable pace and space."

Daisuke Miura L.I.S.T.D

What is "My Ballet Training Programme"?


Thank you for asking.

The program is an intensive and exciting four-week exclusive online programme!

1. You can gain strength with Chris's S&T for ballet dancers (all the details are below).

2. To become graceful and correct your posture with classical ballet class by Daisuke.

Flexibility, Strength and Grace, all in! And, £59.99 to take all of those sessions this month!

 Once you achieve what you wish to attain, you can stop at any time. You are in control!

The programme is a perfect way to get into ballet from home.



Why "My Ballet Programme!"?


Training with pre-recorded videos lacks communication and personal connection, don't you think so?!


I want to deliver a program that is fun and connected to a personal level.

1. Live tuition.

2. Personal correction.

3. Sharing the unmissable moments.


That is "My Ballet Training Programme!".


Details of the programme


Ballet dancers' Strength & Body Conditioning with Chris

Tuesday at 7 p.m. 

"I ever felt this engaged with my body before!!"


Body Conditioning & Strength trains students safely and efficiently to maintain a long, happy, pain-free dance style.

Who is Chris?  

Chris holds a degree in Sports Medicine & Nutrition and a Masters in Strength & Conditioning.​

His passion is to share his professional knowledge to support you to reach maximum, untapped potential!


It is perfect for injury prevention and improves physical pain as majorities of exercises are floor-based work.

You might become invincible, be careful.

Chair Barre Workout

Wednesday at 6 p.m. Beginners class

​Wednesday at 7 p.m. Basic level

Friday at 10 a.m. Basic level

Friday at 11 a.m. Beginners level

"Got a chair? Then, join us!"

Do you want to train, but too busy?

Do you want to get back to ballet, but an hour session is too long?

Do you love ballet, but want to just keep at the barre?

Then, this is for you!

30 mins strictly barre work out! 

Enjoy the lessons while your body transforms into the shape!

Classical Ballet Class with Daisuke

Wednesday at 6 p.m. Beginners class

​Wednesday at 7 p.m. Basic level

Friday at 10 a.m. Basic level

Friday at 11 a.m. Beginners level

"Wow! It is so intense but, so...relaxing!"

His energy for ballet is contiguous. 

His passion for ballet burns not only students' heart, but Corona Virus.

His coaching brings the best out of his students.  

Age, gender, background, there are no borders in his lessons.

Lose your self in the moment for 60 minutes.

Be ready for the journey of real ballet training with him!


Stretch and Floor Barre 


"Is this a Pain or Pleasure? Only one way to find out!"


What is Floor Barre?!

Floor barre provides an opportunity to engage your core muscle for classical ballet.

It is slow but challenging.

Become mindful on the floor to engage with your core.

If you have pets, your pet can join you for free of charge this January.


What is Stretch?

Stretching is a form of physical exercise.

Have seen your neighbor's cat extending their body under the sun? That is the one.

The targets are "Hamstrings" and "Back" this January!

Let's become long and strong, like a song.

Through the programme, you will gain a happier mind and a healthier body.


Let's get started this Spring!


Individual Membership

Ballet (4 sessions) £29.99

Barre workout (8 sessions) £29.99

Floore barre & Stretch (4 sessions) £29.99

with Daisuke 

(Extra lessons paid separately)


Pointe with Beej  (4 lessons)


Body conditioning & strengthening with Chris

(4 lessons)


Any questions or concern about your lesson?

No problem, contact us from here.