Basic Ballet Tutorial series

Is this your first time learning ballet? No problem! Let me go through the basics of ballet with you. Follow me!




6 weeks syllabus video programme

Learn syllabus structured ballet with Daisuke!

This course is for the perfectionists.

Anywhere and anytime, you can practice until you are satisfied. 

Online ZOOM Live Ballet Course

Monthly membership to take weekly live ballet, pointe and body conditioning/strengthing class with us! This tough, yet really fun weekly lessons will be the highlights of your lifestyle!


Live Zoom Class Timetable


6:30 p.m.

Body conditioning & Strengthening session with Chris

"Body Conditioning & Strength sessions are designed to teach and motivate dancers to train and practice safely and efficiently.

So, they can have long, happy, pain-free careers.

Chris holds a degree in Sports Medicine & Nutrition and ongoing Masters in Strength & Conditioning,

it has allowed him to develop a strong understanding of the major and intricate concepts surrounding health, exercise, and nutrition.

With a focus on neuromuscular manual therapy and functional neurology."




6:30 p.m. 

Beginners' Pointe with BeeJ


6 p.m.

Complete Beginner's 8 wks Ballet course with Daisuke

7 p.m.

General level Ballet class with Daisuke


9:30 a.m.

Basic level Ballet class with Daisuke



Monthly Membership

Ballet with Daisuke 

(Up to 4 lessons, extra lessons paid separately)



Pointe with Beej 

(4 lessons)


Body conditioning & strengthening with Chris

(4 lessons)


Any questions or concern about your first lesson?

No problem, just message me from here.