There is a wide range of dance genres available including ballet, tap, modern, street, jive, line, salsa, ballroom, Zumba and Wheelchair dancing; so you are guaranteed to find a style of dance which you love.

  • Ballet is a beautiful, elegant style of dance which requires musicality, technique and physical aptitude. There is so much to it and so much to learn, making it a really exciting new hobby which can motivate, inspire and rejuvenate you.

  • You will do exercises, which help to improve your balance, strength, posture, flexibility and stamina – all vital for helping to keep your body healthy.

  • These exercises will help to improve your ballet technique and help you move forward in learning a new skill. Helping you to feel more confident and keep you inspired and motivated.

  • Learning new steps and choreography helps you improve your memory and will help you to keep a sharp mind.

  • You will also challenge the mind and improve your focus and attention in other areas by developing a stronger awareness of yourself in space in relation to other people, improving your sense of rhythm and timing and improving your co-ordination.

  • Ballet is physically challenging but dancing to beautiful music and working on continually improving makes it really fun and rewarding, a lot more so than other forms of exercise.

  • The course is specifically geared towards complete beginners or those people who haven’t done ballet for a very long time. We will be going at a nice slow pace, one thing at a time. It is a safe, friendly and non-judgemental environment in which to learn.

  • The course has a maximum of 15 places on it to make sure that each student can be given the attention they need to progress – helping you to feel more confident – both in the dance class and in life.

  • Dancing with the same people each week means you will get to know new people and have a chance to make new friends.