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Have you done any ballet before?


What is your priority?

What would you wish?

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Inter/Advanced level  Ballet class

My inter/advanced level class is known as "Roller coaster". Full excitement, fun and challenge! Perfect for developing the technique and strength to become the best dancer you could ever been.


Beginner/Open level Adult Ballet class

You have some ballet/dance experience!

And, you wish to develop your abilities such as flexibility, core strength and all. Or purely you are looking for an opportunity to get back to it? Then, we got it all!

This class is just perfect for some one like you.


Pointe shoes Lesson

Have you ever danced on Pointe shoes yet?!

Don't be shy, I know you want to!

We have so many students who always wanted to dance on pointe but never had given an opportunities came to us and surprised themselves. 

Also, if you wish to get back on pointe from a break, it is perfect for you as we welcome a complete beginners to experienced dancer.


Classical Ballet

Repertoire Class

Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker...

Wouldn't be wonderful if you could learn dance from those well known classical ballet!?

Well, it is actually only a click away!

We provide weekly repertoire class for the students who wants to learn more about ballet and deepen their knowledge! 

This is where your challenge begins!

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