Numbers means Nothing.

March 25, 2020


The live session is not as bad either scary than I thought; this was my initial thought of after my first session yesterday. 


I have received many messages and posts tagged on my session soon after the first session.
I have decided to put this challenge; I began to connect and talk to the people I have ever connected befoer; this is surreal, yet, wonderful!

Today, I would like to share something about my thought about modern society.
Our society is built on "Numbers".  How far you can run, how heavy you can lift, how much you can carry, how many turns you can do, or how much money you have. Okay, wait a minute. Let's hold our thoughts. Let's take a  breath in, and out. 

What can those numbers tell us? The numbers are just one of the measures. So, how do measurements work? 
It functions by comparing something or someone else. 
We are compered at work, we are compered at schools by results, we are compared all the times.   How many Social media's  "likes", "views" and "followers" they have? It is non-sense, am I wrong?  
What I especially disagree with is the system of education. Homework, exams, more home works, then more exams...

The society is not supporting our next generation to develop a way to "Think", but to purely teach them how to "Pass" the exam with the highest score possible. Yet, for who? for what?
Because of that reason, I take my children to the school which has no homework either exams.  Learn to connect, learn to solve problems, learn to develop lofe and live their own life, not the life we will be given from the others.


This is why it is crucial to give yourself a time to start the day with stretching. Through these 30 days of challenge, you will maintain both mental and physical health. Give yourself a head start to gain the control back into your life with me.

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