Private Small Group session

As we have many new starters, we offer special "An Introduction to ballet" package this Autumn!
If you are a complete beginner or a returner from a break, then, this 1 2 1 lesson package is a perfect introduction to get into ballet. So, you can smoothly slot into regular group lessons when you are ready. The package offers 4 one to one private sessions. With the courses, you will learn the basic terminologies, posture, positions as well as improving your flexibility and strength. 
A hand out will be given out at first, so you will be able to see the progression and the plan of your journey. It is already prevalent, and many new starters are booking this package. Everyone's flexibility and strength have already improved massively! One of the new starters, Lucy, left me a review.

"I started private lessons with Daisuke. It was quite nerve-wracking, but Daisuke is so friendly and patient! I've had so much fun learning with him and have glad I've met such a nice person also! Would highly recommend Daisuke for anyone who wants to start a new hobby, any age, any level!".

Thank you, Lucy!

However, this package is only limited availability and limited time only for this Autumn.
Why don't you contact me so you can relax and just enjoying your new hobby, which you will be good at with my guidance!


"I absolutely loved the lesson, can't believe how quickly the time went!!

I learned so much from Daisuke and his positive was so encouraging-thank you!!"


"My 11 years daughter loves her ballet lessons which we started to compliment her rhythmic gymnastics. The fantastic and positive coaching from Daisuke makes the sessions fun. Totally recommend for gymnasts and dancers alike."


" I was experiencing ankle pain. Daisuke was very caring,

I felt so reassured with his fantastically positive approach, could already start to feel a difference when applying his corrections.

It's great to work with a teacher that has such a holistic approach to dance.

I think I grew about two inches from the session as well, hehe!"

*Private/Small group tuition can be arranged to suits student's need *

*1 session £60, 2 sessions £120, 3 sessions £170, 4 sessions  £220*

*For both beginner and experienced students*

*For injury recovery as well as flexibility/balance and core strengthening*

*For performance development*

1 2 1/small group sessions are perfect for who....

  • is busy and struggle to attend weekly lessons

  • has an injury (most of the injuries occurred by personal habits and incorrect posture) 

  • wants to develop certain skills (turns, jumps, flexibility, core strength, balance, and all) in a limited/certain amount of time

  • is shy and want to boost confidence before join weekly lessons