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Drop In

If you don't know how often you can attend, You can purchase as a single class - our class passes never expire so you are free to use them whenever you want!

(excluding Pointe, Intermediate and Repertory classes).





Best if you want to attend the lessons on a regular basis.

Our memberships are there to make regular ballet classes cost-efficient, whether you want to attend.

Freedom of dance is yours!



Are ready for weekly ballet lessons? Then, Demi-Membership is for you!

You can take up to four lessons monthly (excluding Pointe, Intermediate and repertory classes).

Classes are aligned to the calendar week (Mon -Fri).

It expires every end of the month. Can be purchased any time to suits you.




Regular Monthly Membership entitles you to take up to 8 classes (excluding pointe, Intermediate, and repertory classes) a month. 

It expires every end of the month, can be purchased and time to suits you.