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How does ballet lessons help our mental health?!

Did you know? No matter your age or gender, one in three of us will experience a traumatic event at some point in our lives. This can severely impact our mental health.

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety or depression, or know someone who is, consider trying my adult ballet class as a form of dance therapy.


BBC  says....

 “Dance and movement are known to have physical and psychological benefits for those with mental illness”

The Guardian  also agree with that

"This is because dance uses their body to express emotion and people suffering from mental illness often find it hard to express their feelings, as a result, dance provides an opportunity for individuals to communicate their feelings. "

But, how does it actually effect on our mental and physical health?

1. An ample flow of mood-improving chemicals is released helping to elevate our mental state; even one lively ballet session has been proven to reduced depression in comparison to vigorous exercise or listening to music according to research conducted.

2. whilst the physical movement of ballet helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


3. Dancing with others also helps us feel more connected and social. Ballet classes can encourage social bonds and friendships which are key factors in improving our mood and mental health.


"Thank you for all the positivity over the last four years, the ballet lessons helped with a lot with positive mental health and focus."