Family/Bestie Ballet Experience!

A memorable special experience!

This lessons costs £60.

Adult Ballet Wales by Mr Daisuke loves teaching both children and adults. Mr Daisuke creates an unforgettable memory with this rare opportunity to dance with the ones you love and care in a safe and relaxed environment.

Nothing like sharing a fun memory with your family and best friends!


Sante Fitness Cardiff

"Thank you Daisuke for our Bestie ballet session tonight. We really enjoyed the session; extremely informative and detailed...

We bloody loved it!"


Thank you Daisuke!

You made my first lesson positive and comfortable and I'm so happy that I've made a start!

I am  look forward to the next !ne.


Thanks also for being such a great ballet teacher!

I definitely feel an improvement.

I am really enjoying the lessons!

Thanks again for your patience.


Daisuke is the best teacher ever! He is so patient and thorough when explaining. The wealth of his knowledge is outstanding!

I've only been to 3 classes and have had two private sessions and I have learnt so much already.

The private sessions are definitely worth doing - I've taken so much away from them and have much more confidence (partly from Daisukes encouragement).

Would recommend 100 times over!

This is perfect for who...

*wants to create a special memory*

*want to do ballet lesson but can't find a child care*

*are shy to join ballet lesson, and want to use this opportunity as an ice breaker*

*seeks for a special, memorable, a different gift for the one you care*