Daisuke Miura

"Hats off to gravity-defying soloist Daisuke Miura!"

Jasper Rees, The Arts Desk

Age of 16-

taken the first ballet lesson

Age of 17-

began a professional training

Age 22-29-

Danced as a professional ballet dancer with

Serbian National Ballet and Ballet Cymru

Age 29-Retired from being a professional ballet dancer and became a professional teacher/lecturer

  • PgCE (USW)

  • Diploma in Professional Dance (Trinity College)

  • 1st Hon Degree in Professional Dance (Middlesex Uni)

  • 2016 Welsh National Award-Nominee (Best Male Performer)

"Daisuke Miura is outstanding as the earthbound Caliban, rolling and spinning on the floor. His moves are an exciting mix of ballet, break dancing and acrobatics that perfectly portray the frustration of a character never allowed to be physically free. In controlled dance, Miura reveals the uncontrolled character that Caliban is – no mean feat."