Correct Posture and Costume

Correct posture in ballet havs developed from traditional European clothes, corsets. Corsets has created to re-form people's posture into "S bend shape", also known as "S bend silhouette". Therefore, the key to understand and develop the correct posture in ballet is in the history as it is an old traditional form of dance. Squeezed in stomach, elegant and relaxed upper body. Classical ballet costumes are a bit similar to wedding dress, the feeling of somebody tightening the races on your back to "Pull up". I have realised this when I put my ballet costume for first time, it was not comfortable and I instantly realised a fact classical ballet costume had not created for dancers either to dance. I could not breath through stomach therefore we had to learn how to breath just with the chest and smile in a same time. It was created to look beautiful and grand on stage, not for practical reasons for dancers. Ballet technique and posture, they both developed to create an illusion on stage, an example would be contrast of height. In classical ballet pas de deux, it usually danced by a short female dancer and tall male dancer to make ballerina looks smaller and pretty, it also makes male dancer looks taller than their actual height. That is one of the reasons why ballet was designed to watch from a certain distance as if audience is close to the stage, they would realise the illusion. By keeping correct posture to become taller and lighter eventually "Pointe shoes" had created. With the tool ballet technique rapidly progressed to become even more lighter, taller and more beautiful to make fairy tales believable on stage.