Dear Dancers who aim high...

There are several facts in ballet/dance industry which you need to know before your audition. 


  • Fact 1: Ballet/Dance companies do not necessarily take the best dancers at the audition. Of course, the standard must be high enough to gain a dance job, which everyone knows. What important is the way we approach the auditions.

  • Fact 2:  About  10% of dancers are lucky enough to receive job offers without any struggle, but rest of 90% (who is including myself, and possibly you) aren't, unfortunately. However, why some dancers get jobs so easily and some of us do not? Because that 10% dancers work harder? I am sure they do work hard but let's be honest, who doesn't? It is not necessarily just how good or bad we are, it is also about what we can offer to the organisations.

  • Fact 3: Wrong information, waste of time, your energy, motivation and money. Those elements are all limited, you should spend them wisely. So, we need to be smart and efficient when you attend the audition.


So, I have decided to share my experience and advice only to those who


  • is struggling to gain success in auditions

  • thinks you are good enough and you are ready to become a professional

  • looking for a new company to work 

  • struggle with finance to attend auditions 

  • wants to have more challenge in the new company


So, if you are one of above I think I might be able to support your journey of audition to gain better results at auditions! As I have been working as a professional dancer I know how audition process can physically and mentally drain us, especially if you care about your career and your future. Those uncertainties of audition period often cause upset, increase stress and bring fear to us. Yet, it should not be! So, Let's work hard correctly to prepare for the auditions to develop the probability of your success!