Adult Ballet Class  

Cardiff & Newport



8 wks course

Wednesday 6 pm & Friday 11 am January to February 2020

Complete Beginner's 8 weeks  course. No previous ballet experience required. No age limitations.


£60 when you join with a friend

Pointe class

8 wks course

Wednesday 8 pm

January to February 2020

Pointe class for both beginners and experienced dancers. 6 weeks structured lessons to learn a dance on pointe.



Ballet Classes

Tuesday & Wednesday evening

Friday morning

January to February 2020

Structured ballet 8 weeks course.

Basic ballet experience knowledge required.

Good for those whom have completed the beginners course.


Pas de deux

8 weeks course

Monday 8 pm

January to February 2020

Duet class for both male and female dancers. Can be attended with either pointe or soft flat ballet shoes.


Advanced open class

Monday 6:30 pm

January 2020 onward

Advanced level drop-in class.

A fast pace class with challenging and exciting combinations.




Advanced booking only

Popular for both beginners and experienced dancers, as well as gymnasts,skaters,martial artists and athletes.