List of Ballet Books 


"Mt first ballet book and my personal recommendation!"

"The more knowledge the dancer - and the dancer's parents and teachers - has about the body as an instrument of artistic expression, the better the dancer. Inside Ballet Technique introduces the reader to the natural anatomical laws governing human movement and body mechanics, and relates them directly to the dancer's acquisition of technique in the daily ballet class. Easy to read, simply and clearly illustrated, Inside Ballet Technique provides a fresh perspective on the basic tenets of classical ballet, answering many questions that commonly persist in the minds of career-track students and dancers."


"Thinking of taking up ballet for the first time as an adult? Or perhaps you're wondering if you're too old to go back to ballet? Coming back to ballet as an adult has been a rather surprising, interesting and rewarding journey for me. The author shares her journey of learning to dance ballet as an adult, which she found was different and challenging in ways very different from when she had been a child. She had to overcome challenges in flexibility and coordination, amongst other things. In this book, she gently introduces ballet to the adult beginner: how to choose the right class, what to wear and what to expect. She also shows you how to progress effectively in ballet, such as eventually going en pointe, developing artistry, taking ballet examinations and much more."

Beginnining BALLET

"Beginning Ballet and the accompanying web resource introduce students to the study of ballet as a performing art and provide instructional support in learning foundational ballet technique. Part of Human Kinetics' Interactive Dance Series, Beginning Ballet is for students enrolled in a beginning ballet class at the college, university, or high school level. The book features more than 80 photos and concise descriptions covering basic foot and arm positions, barre exercises, and centre combinations. Beginning Ballet introduces students to the structure of a ballet class, including expectations, etiquette, and attire....."