Classical Ballet 

Repertoire  class

Tradition & Expression,

we have no-Limitation

Ballet is not just all about pointing toes and posture, it is an art form of DANCE!

It is not like normal adult ballet lessons, it is much, much more!

It does not matter how tired you are, you will have a such a fun time with us and you will feel fit and refreshed, and this lessons are for both beginner and experienced students.

Let's forget your busy life and enjoy learning how to dance like a real ballerina!



 "I know my technique is not perfect....

 But the rep class made me feel like a real ballerina! 

It is really different that no one else does and actually puts all the usual class exercises into perspective and actual choreographed routines."

This class is perfect for who....

  • want to do more ballet because you love it so much!

  • watch ballet videos/performances and wanted to learn ballet pieces but never had an amazing opportunity like this before!

  • does not really know what Swan Lake, giselle, etc, but want to have a go as it sounds fun!

  • want to deepen your ballet knowledge and experience by finally using the technique you practice at lessons!

  • seeks to develop performance skills in dance