Audition Support

Auditions and getting ready ready for the industry can be a daunting task. so, do not leave it  until last minute either stress by your self, talk to us!

Adult Ballet Wales supports the students/dancers who are getting ready for auditions.

Professional support for the professional industry!


"I got in to Laban, Daisuke! They just let me know about an hour ago! Thank you so much for your pre-audition advice I believe it made a massive difference.

And I was relaxed!

Golden nugget advice, God bless you for sharing!"



"Working with Daisuke Miura has given me a great start in my dance career and his assistance found me my first job offer, since I graduated from school. 

This was made possible by the support I received, which included,


  • technical and performance advice within his Classical Ballet classes 

  • pointers in finding new job opportunities, such as:

  • righting letters,

  • emails,

  • photos,

  • videos

  • and even how to come across during an interview situation. 

The advice and guidance I have received from Daisuke has not only given me the knowledge I needed to find and gain new job opportunities, but has also given me the confidence to put myself in an audition situation."