Mindfulness Ballet class

Mindfulness in Ballet Practice

This uniquely designed ballet class is for the students who wish to de-stress and unwind from your day to day stress to become who you really are.

This low impact, gentle, peaceful session is great for elderly students and, ideal especially for people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

This unique class is designed to take both of our mind and body based on ballet dance movement.

This class aims accessible to all and progression achievable for people of all ages, levels, and backgrounds.

Research has shown that mindfulness helps us reduce anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness teaches us how to respond to stress with an awareness of what is happening in the present moment, rather than merely acting instinctively, unaware of what emotions or motives may be driving that decision. By teaching awareness for one's physical and mental state at the moment, mindfulness allows for more adaptive reactions to stressful situations.


There is no big secret behind mindfulness ballet practices. 

You will experience mindful by focusing on some different elements such as music, breathing, heartbeat, simple choreography, etc.

The experience of focusing on the present moment. For example, you can either mindlessly gobble down your meal or take a little bit of time and practice mindful eating by looking at the food, smelling the food, noticing the different flavours and the texture of the food while slowly eating it. Not surprisingly, it is much more enjoyable and satisfying when you eat mindfully than when you eat mindlessly. Interestingly, you will also notice that you will consume less when you start eating mindfully.

As you become more mindful, you will also notice that you will become more centred, happier, and less depressed and this, in turn, has a direct positive effect on your anxiety.


Why don't you find your peace with us today?


"I always wanted to learn ballet, it wasn’t possible to learn as a child and I always felt I missed out.

Years and years went by and I was thinking it’s too late now. But then a few weeks ago I thought stuff it, I might be 38 and not flexible, but I’m going to give it a go.

I’m so glad I did.

 I have an anxiety disorder so this was a big deal for me, but Daisuke made me feel relaxed and welcome. Daisukes’ teaching style is very encouraging and yet relaxed. Since starting lessons I feel my posture is improving and I also make more of an effort to move and stretch throughout the day. I’ve never been into the gym so this is great that I feel inspired to move and push myself and be healthier. I am really looking forward to learning more. Thank you Daisuke."

anxiety depression ballet fitness dance
anxiety depression fitness dance ballet



“I have been battling mental illness for a very long time. Going to ballet class isn’t about me losing weight or getting into a certain dress size. It’s about my mind becoming more connected to my body. Relearning certain skills I have forgotten, and having fun. It’s very scary. But I’m really glad Daisuke understands my fears and is respectful of them. I’m really looking forward to the future and what I will be capable of. “