Adult Ballet Wales


6 Weeks Beginners' Ballet course


This course is perfect if


  • You always wanted to learn ballet but ever had an opportunity like this!

  • ​You use to dance and wanting to come back to it.

  • You are feeling a bit blue and demotivated and aren’t sure what to do about it.

  • Your body is feeling a bit stiff and heavy.

  • You love ballet!

  • You feel like you want to start something new.

  • You want to find a new possibility for you. 

  • You have a lot to juggle with work or family commitments and crave having time to yourself to unwind and take your mind off things.


"I've never done ballet in my life before but not once have I felt bad if I can't do something!

Dai always helps whenever I'm struggling !

Couldn't ask for a better teacher!"


"Daisuke has changed my life!

Suffering bouts of postnatal depression and I was daunted to say the least when I attended my first class.

 Daisuke, takes great care of every student, is very encouraging and patient.

Everyone is super friendly and helpful.

My confidence has grown, my body is starting to shape up and my mental health has improved far above my expectations.

Everything and more that I could ask for from a class. I love every minute of it.

Take a class- dance is powerful!"


" We all admire you greatly and you are so professional and patient with us when we are fooling around and talking nonsense.

you have brought together a lovely bunch of people and we have made some very good friends."