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Our Story

"The journey of challenge."

Adult Ballet Wales was established in 2014 by Daisuke Miura I.S.T.D. Licentiate, based on his principles and personal philosophy.

Daisuke has re-structured traditional classical ballet training into a more accessible, affordable and flexible method to introduce a completely new experience to people.

Adult Ballet Wales does not just provide the highest quality of coaching; we offer a new experience that is a journey of discovery and progression. 

Since 2014, the brand of Adult Ballet Wales has developed rapidly.

Now we are the most established as well as the most popular adult ballet organisation in Wales.


"The changing same, experience the new way of training." 


The unique style of coaching

“ Experience beyond textbooks"

With Adult Ballet Wales, your training journey becomes personal and professional. Through his journey of learning, Daisuke discovered that there are only three ways of teaching.

1. A right way of teaching

2. A wrong way of teaching 

3. His way of teaching

Daisuke's friendly and relaxed, yet strict way of coaching is extremely popular, especially for beginners. He can simplify and break down complicated steps and techniques to provides a stress-free and relaxed learning experience. 

Also, his professional knowledge and expertise attracts advanced students. Daisuke does not just teach the expert tips and skills; he shares his passion and personal philosophy through his coaching. His advice takes into account the individual's physical and mental habits. He also provides opportunities to approach the same steps in different ways; changing the perspective to deepen students’ knowledge and progress their technique.

"The classical tradition, re-built."



“Experience changes everything".

There are no mistakes or failures at Adult Ballet Wales.

You experience a progression with every single class you take with us.

Adult Ballet Wales proves that age, gender, nor background matter.

Anybody can learn and progress ballet technique if you have the right teacher and the correct environment.

"Grace and Strength, we strive for both"