Adult Ballet Lessons for all

A Real Passion for Tuition, this is a Revolution

Adult Ballet Wales provide most friendly and relaxed ballet class in the world.

 Adult Ballet Wales has diverse students and new starters join every week, so you will NEVER feel alone or nervous at your first lesson!

It is my passion to provide a fun and hard working ballet lesson for you!


"I love coming to Daisuke's ballet lessons!  He is a fantastic teacher and has really helped to improve my ballet technique. The classes are tailored just right for each student and a lot of fun too!"


"I met Daisuke from a mutual interest in gymnastics / martial arts tricking.  was surprised at how much I enjoyed the lessons, very well structured and physically demanding (I like to try hard) but also extremely fun.

After just a 2-3 months I noticed a big difference in how well I was able to perform head height roundhouse kicks (mawashi geri). I feel honored to learn from anybody who has mastered their art form and Daisuke is definitely is a master. It's inspirational to watch him perform difficult moves with ease and gives me a motivation to follow his instruction carefully. Highly recommend for everyone!"


"What a great lesson! It has put a massive smile on my face.

It's amazing what ballet can do, as I was feeling a bit under the weather but now I'm buzzing!"